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There is an innate responsibility that I feel to imbue my surroundings with magic. Couching my subversion to contemporary society in vibrant colors and intricate constructions, I express to others what defines my non-binary identity—something that is ever-evolving. I continually reanalyze myself in relation to the objects I create to position myself in an inbetween space called $P4RKL3_FiLTH_CL0UD_NiN3, where I embody a sense of balance and belonging. Here, I break myself and redefine myself, putting things back together to feel like equal parts sparkle and filth

My Background

SULO BEE earned their BFA from Texas State University with a focus in Metals and Jewelry in 2018 and their MFA from SUNY New Paltz in 2022. They have exhibited their work internationally with Heidi Lowe Gallery, Ombre Gallery, Galerie Marzee, Australian Temp/Contemp Gallery, Athens Institute of Contemporary Art, Gallery 2052, Budapest Jewelry Week, New York City Jewelry Week, and Milan Jewelry Week. They were included in the One for the Future program with NYC Jewelry Week and completed a three-month residency at the Baltimore Jewelry Center in 2018. In 2020, they participated in an invitational residency, Pentaculum, at Arrowmont School of Arts and Craft. SULO is featured in the Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt Learning Lab highlighting LGBTQIA+ artists, SNAG JaMS, Klimt 02, ARTISTAR Jewels, and Accessory Vanity Fair Magazine. SULO cofounded the Queer Metalsmiths organization where they seek to center and uplift queer voices in the field of craft. They were recently named one of ten artists in the nation for the Emerging Artist Cohort with American Craft Council and awarded the Marzee Graduate Prize at the Marzee International Graduate Show in Nijmegen, Netherlands.