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Equinox Collection

Introducing the Equinox Collection.

On March 20th, 2022, we became Sifuentes Metalsmith, formerly known as Equinox Gallery.

12 years ago Equinox Gallery was launched as a place where art jewelry from a broad range of artists, was showcased and promoted, alongside Alejandro’s work. The legacy of Equinox Gallery will live on in a new form as The Equinox Collection, a select group of Studio Artists, handpicked to honor the tradition of Equinox Gallery. Thank you to this remarkable group of Studio Jewelers for joining us in this new chapter.

A special thank you to all the artists that have ever been a part of the Equinox Story. We are incredibly grateful for you and your contributions, your place in the story has not been forgotten.



Atsuko Taniguchi

Joanna Gollberg

Laura Wood

Kelly Jean Conroy

Morgan Hill

Sarah Holden