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Annie Pennington

​The Beginning

My love affair with jewelry began when I was a child. When visiting my grandparents, I would pull a beat-up white cardboard box full of tiny shells and sparkly gems out of their kitchen hutch as soon as I arrived; those treasures were just for me! Using a round piece of plastic cut from a lidded container as my base, I glued those beautiful bits and a pin back in place, and proudly wore my creation. That early exploration of creating something from nothing and working with my hands laid the foundation for my desire to create jewelry that gives value to the tiny and overlooked details in your life.

My Background

In addition to being an award-winning jewelry designer (I even have an Oscar-like trophy!), I have an extensive exhibition record and my work has been featured in multiple books and publications. I hold a BFA in Jewelry Design and an MFA in Metalsmithing, and because I constantly push myself to try new things, I’m also a writer and video artist. 

After a brief stint as a Gallery Assistant and a liquor-store clerk, I moved to Wisconsin and joined the staff of Art Jewelry magazine as the Associate Editor. When that adventure came to a close, I worked part-time for Rio Grande, and then moved to Tucson, AZ. In 2018, I began the best job EVER as the Marketing/Sales Manager at Potter USA.

Annie’s Works